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Services of your hotel in Brest

For a cozy stay in Brittany, discover our 4 star hotel in Brest and all its services

Sauna and Steam Room - Relaxation area

 € 15 per person per day for 50 minutes

Get away from it all, relax yourself in a magical place and have a taste of a beautiful experience.
Select our packages including a night, breakfasts and access to the Sauna Hammam for two.

On-demand - services

  • Room service 7/7: Breakfast (7 a.m. / midday), dinner (7 p.m. / 9.30 p.m.), snacks (24/24)
  • Alarm clock
  • Computer equipment loans  (laptop, tablets, etc.)
  • Photocopies
  • Iron and ironing board  
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Secure luggage room
  • Non-exhaustive list of additional cosmetic and welcome products:
    • Toiletry set
    • Shower cap
    • Shaving kit
    • Comb
    • Dental kit
    • Feminine protection
    • Sewing kit
    • Sponge and polishing towel
    • Shoehorn
    • Umbrella

Room Service

Our hotel presents you the Room-Service menu, made of "Comtesse du Barry" products.
  • The Parmentier of Duck , or Beef
  • The Range Chicken Curry with vegetables,
  • The Range Duck Curry with vegetables
  • The Tortellinis sauce with duck foie gras
  • or the Petit Salé with green lentils...
Organic vegetable Veloutés are also available on the menu right now.

Spend a delicious moment
Bon Appétit !

Breakfast in Room

22 € per person

Our hotel offers you a breakfast in room service from 7 am to 11 am.
  • A "continental" breakfast
  • Charged 22 euros per person.
Spend a delicious moment
Bon Appétit !


Free of charge

A Wi-Fi connection by fiber or an Ethernet connection are available in throughout the hotel for freely and unlimited.

Room equipment

The hotel has 28 rooms, they are equipped with:
  • Private bathroom
  • Large HD flat screen TV
  • Courtesy tray (kettle, tea and coffee)
  • Air conditionning
  • Safe
  • Telephone line
  • Welcome product
  • Ergonomic pillows 
  • Nespresso machine (Privilege and Grand Comfort room)
  • Bathrobes and slippers (Privilege and Grand Comfort room)
  • Non-exhaustive list of additional cosmetic and welcome products:
    • Toiletry set
    • Shower cap
    • Shaving kit
    • Comb
    • Dental kit
    • Feminine protection
    • Sewing kit
    • Sponge and polishing towel
    • Shoehorn
    • Umbrella

Accessibility disabilities

Accessibility for our customers with disabilities

Our team is made aware in welcoming of people with disabilities.
Team is available to answer any specific questions or requests.
  • People with motor disabilities
We are committed to make our establishment as accessible as possible, however,  we meet obstacles which do not allow us to make the establishment accessible to people in wheelchairs.
The establishment does not have PRM rooms.
  • People with hearing impairments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                An induction loop system for persons with hearing impairment is available
  • People with mental or pyschic disabilities
  • People with visual impairments
key cards with tactile markers
provision of a TV remote control with large buttons and contrasting colors
provision of a telephone with large buttons
provision of a  illuminated or vibrating alarm clock 
contrasting risers
step nosing

Secure luggage storage

Free of charge

Are you arriving early in the day or are you flying late in the evening ?

Do not clutter up all day with your luggage, our secure luggage storage is at your disposal.

100% ecological deodorization and treatment with ozone and UV

For many years, the La Paix Hôtel Contemporain has followed a responsible environmental approach.

Today our establishment has access from permanent disinfection and deodorization with ozone. Natural process, 100% ecological.

  • Room hygiene
  • Odour pollution
  • Allergens (mites)
  • Well being of the occupants
  • Objectives :
  • Disinfection of bedrooms (WC, bathroom, telephone handsets, remote controls, switches, etc.)
  • Destroy odours
  • Limit allergies
  • Improve people's well-being

  • Ozonation is a the best disinfectant (oxidant); It is perfect for keep hygiene monitoring of surfaces and air.
  • Because of its high oxidizing power, ozone neutralises odour molecules.
  • Destruction of mites

Benefits :
  • Effective (more effective than chlorine)
  • Fast (15 minutes for a room)
  • Safe (unstable in air, disintegrates spontaneously)
  • Ecological (natural compound - 3 oxygen atoms)

Examples of applications:
  • Room hygiene is crucial to prevent the spread of disease and guarantee optimal hygiene for future tenants
  • Elimination of microorganisms, odours on all surfaces (floor, wall, curtains, ...)
  • Elimination of odours. Ozone does not cover up odours it destroys them.
Eliminates bad odours, microorganisms from the atmosphere, its ducts.
Prevents the proliferation of diseases that are transmitted by ventilation.

Our environmental charter

We sensitize our clients and we train our staff throughout the year in resource conservation and waste management

For better management of water :
  • Do not to let the water run when brushing your teeth or at any time where it is unnecessary to let it run
  • Prefer a shower rather than a bath
  • Our toilets are all equipped with a variable double flow flush (the most economical flow rate is to be favoured)
  • Water flow reducers have been installed on all taps
For better management of equipment consumption :
  • We encourage the reuse of linen (towels and bed linen): only towels placed in the bathtub/shower are replaced
  • Our cosmetic and hospitality products from the Nuxe brand in its Rêve de Miel range benefit from the FSC certificate and their manufacturing meets the sustainable development and environmental preservation objectives of the Care About Earth program (vegan products, bottles and tubes manufactured made from recycled plastic or bioresin, recycled cardboard packaging)
  • We provide eco-pumps of hygiene products in all bathrooms to limit individual packaging.
  • Our hygiene and courtesy products (shoe care materials, sewing kit, hygiene kit) are available on request at reception to avoid any waste
For a less energy-intensive hotel :
  • Do not to keep the lighting on in the room while taking advantage of NFC (Near Frequency Communication) technology. By removing the card from the energy saving box available at the entrance to all our rooms, we offer customers the opportunity to avoid wasting electricity
  • The rooms and common areas of the hotel are fully equipped with LED lighting
  • Heating and air conditioning can be controlled and regulated thanks to the DAIKIN digital solution, in each room of the building but also more precisely from reception. In particular, we have implemented programming allowing the system to be cut off in unoccupied rooms.
  • The hotel has very high efficiency double flow ventilation and carries out air treatment for better energy efficiency
  • The rooms are equipped with double glazing and additional glazing for effective thermal and sound insulation and to reduce energy consumption
  • Our teams are trained throughout the year in eco-friendly gestures
Waste management :
  • Sorting daily waste into three different containers is required by all staff (cardboards, plastic packaging, glass bottles and jars, metal cans)
  • Double-compartment baskets are available to guests in all rooms
  • The floor staff works daily with ecological cleaning products (bio-degradable and eco-labelled)
  • At reception, we encourage the team not to systematically print documents and encourage to reuse paper.
For the well-being of our customers :
  • We offer several ranges of organic and/or fair trade products for breakfast
  • We recommend using air conditioning responsibly and not exceeding a temperature set point below 25°C.
  • Our hotel is entirely non-smoking
  • Our relaxation area (Sauna and Hammam) is not lit 24 hours a day. A delay of 15 minutes is therefore necessary for it to start.
  • The teas and infusions available on all courtesy trays are certified from organic farming.

Your fully air-conditioned hotel

The reputation of a hotel depends on how well the guests are welcomed and feel comfortable during their stay.

La Paix Hôtel Contemporain trusts Daikin to create this ideal atmosphere. The solutions offered by Daikin are profitable and allow complete control of the heating, air conditioning of a hotel, ventilation and hot water, with indoor units elegant, silent and draft-free area. It is the promise of a good night's sleep.

Absolute control

Daikin offers customized hotel solutions that provide ideal comfort for customers. They will be able to choose the desired temperature and benefit from the heating, cooling and ventilation of the air, all in a calm and silent atmosphere.

To manage the use of energy

Hotel owners, must have complete control over energy consumption. The Daikin Smart Controller can change the system setting when the rooms are unoccupied or the windows are open. It is possible to control operating costs and reduce the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment.

Integrated energy recovery

The integrated solutions make it possible to control the halls and bedrooms area by area. Energy recovery modules are a renewable source of energy for hot water, heating and air curtains. They optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

For several years, La Paix Hôtel Contemporain has reduced its carbon footprint and is part of a responsible environmental approach.

Your advantages in booking your hotel directly

By booking directly, you will no sudden cost increases commission.
We are cheaper online than elsewhere.
You benefit from an offer with price much more attractive.

By contacting us directly you will know the real availability of our establishment (and not only those available from the intermediary), the stock of rooms for sale, as well as their systematic price in your favor. It’s the hotel that controls the product. Even if the hotel is fully booked with an intermediary, there may still be rooms for sale, directly at the reception.

By calling us directly you will be able to chat with us, determine together your booking conditions, choose your room, the associated services.
We are also present in the Market Place Accorhotels for the Novotel and Mercure hotel brands.

With regard to the players in the French tourism : you support small French companies, their creativity, their social, environmental policy and their independence. By booking with an intermediary, the sums withdrawn will will feed American pension funds.

We are the best contact to inform you and welcome you to the best of our establishment. Intermediaries are only interested in profitability, the hotelier puts much more human, warmth and hospitality in the relationship he has with his hosts. In case of a problem, the hotel manager is your contact, not the intermediary.

Digital press

Free of charge

A large selection of digital presses and magazines at your disposal for free every day.

Free bicycle lockers

Free of charge

The service is free and self-service. It is offered by the city of Brest. The lockers are located in front of the bus station with free access (Place du 19eme Régiment d'Infanterie, 29200 Brest).

The only constraint is that the locker must be locked with its own padlock or anti-theft device. The bicycle must not be left in the locker for more than seven days. The rules of use are available on the city's website.

Brest Metropole
Direction des déplacements
02 98 33 54 84



Free of charge

Public parking is free of charge within 50 metres of the hotel (Armies Hospital).

Paid public parking is also available around the hotel (all prices available on the Brest Park website).

A private, covered and secure paying car park is also available under the city hall. Parking Liberté. 

Non-smoking hotel

All public and private common areas of the hotel are non-smoking.


For hygienic reasons, our animal friends are not allowed in the establishment.
Only guide dogs are accepted.