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Walks around Brest

No matter which way you prefer to stroll, the Brest metropolitan area has a dense network of paths, which allows you to discover a rich natural and historical heritage.

On one side, there are 30 paths, marked out by the APIEDS association (to be found in a booklet provided by the association); on the other side, there are four multi-purpose paths, designed by the Brest Métropole teams, for routes ranging from 20 to 45 kilometres...

It is therefore difficult not to find the right path for you, with titles inviting you to travel!
At the Ildut springs, the Plougastel peninsula, between Gouesnou, Guilers and Bohars, a beautiful, bucolic and sensual journey, called Au fil de la Penfeld, offers you 21 kilometres (or less, depending on the variations) of beautiful discoveries.

The route winds its way along the valley floor or the hillsides, through wooded areas and large bocage areas, with stops right at the feet of History: the fountain of Saint-Gouesnou, dating from the end of the 16th century, the commemorative cross in memory of the 42 people shot on 7 August 1944...

Also worth noting, still starting from Gouesnou, a road accessible to all can be found, following the path of the old railway line and connecting to Bohars and the Petit Moulin wood, a local nature park located on a slope and giving a glimpse, below, of a beautiful wetland...
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